We use Open Source software

OpenFOAM® – the most popular open-source simulation software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Can be used to solve problems involving high turbulence, free surface, chemical reactions, compressible and incompressible flows.

Elmer FEM – multiphysics simulation software with advanced 3D solvers for electromagnetics, heat transfer, microwaves, acoustics, etc. We call it “Open source COMSOL Multiphysics®” because it is a FEM software that has coupling between most solvers.

EOF-Library – two-way coupling software for Elmer and OpenFOAM. It enables accurate internal field interpolation and communication between two frameworks. This software is mostly developed and supported by our company.

Salome – graphical pre- and postprocessing tool which is used for making geometries (CAD module) and meshing.

ParaView – data analysis and visualization software used in high performance computing (HPC). Simulation results can be postptocessed remotely (client-server mode) which is handy when running large simulations on HPC systems or Cloud.

Workflows & GUIs

If you are looking for time-saving interface for your simulation workflow then graphical plugins for Salome are simple & cost-effective solution. They are lightweight but also powerful tools to prepare and run simulation cases. Includes native support for Python programming language. Contact us now to learn more and get early access to our GUI plugins!

We use cloud computing

Cloud computing provides reliable and unlimited computation capacity. In many cases it is also more cost-effective than buying powerful computers because cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are selling their spare capacity (they call it EC2 Spot Instances) for very competitive price.

We know how to efficiently run simulation software on cloud. Automation scripts and Docker container technology is used. It allows distributing simulation software and run modelling jobs among any number of instances, and is perfect for performing large parametric sweeps.

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