EOF Consulting invests in research and development (R&D) and regularly publishes research articles in recognized scientific journals.

Research articles provide truthful information about our software, its performance and advantages. We apply scientific knowledge to our products. As a result, we deliver a high-quality software tool and scientific articles.

This is the list of recent publications where we have been involved:


Juris Vencels, Peter Råback, Vadims Geža
EOF-Library: Open-source Elmer FEM and OpenFOAM coupler for electromagnetics and fluid dynamics

Juris Vencels, Mihails Birjukovs, Juhani Kataja, Peter Råback
Microwave heating of water in a rectangular waveguide: validating EOF-Library against COMSOL Multiphysics and existing numerical studies

Kubečka, M., Obrusník, A., Zikán, P., Jílek Jr, M., Vencels, J., Bonaventura, Z.
Predictive simulation of antenna effect in PVD processes using fluid models


Dzelme, V., Jakovics, A., Vencels, J., Köppen, D., Baake, E.
Numerical and experimental study of liquid metal stirring by rotating permanent magnets

Dzelme, V., Jakovics, A., Chudnovsky, A., & Baake, E.
Simulation of electrically induced vortical flows

Dzelme, V., Jakovics, A., & Bucenieks, I.
Numerical modelling of liquid metal electromagnetic pump with rotating permanent magnets

Geza, V., Vencels, J., Zageris, G., & Pavlovs, S.
Numerical study of surface waves generated by low frequency EM field for silicon refinement


Vencels, J., Jakovics, A., Geza V.
Simulation of 3D MHD with free surface using open-source EOF-library: Levitating liquid metal in an alternating electromagnetic field

Our research and development does not stop here. Please visit our Software & Technology page to learn more about our other competences