Whether it’s a new technology, research and development, an interesting idea to be tested or optimization of an existing process – we can do that!



Cut costs on wasteful physical prototyping. Once the numerical model is verified, you can reuse it for all your succeeding prototypes.

Protect intellectual property from qualified employee turnover. Invest in digital assets such as software and numerical models, because you have full control over it.


Shorten technology research and development cycle. Run parametric studies in parallel on high performance computers and save time.

Predict quality issues during the designing phase. Test your products in virtual environment non-destructively and get an insight about stresses and temperatures inside materials.


Improve engineering efficiency. Integrate computer modelling into your workflow and optimize.

Simulations and creativity go hand by hand. Test risky ideas and designs for a fraction of prototype cost.

Are you considering to use Open-source software?

It might be tempting to try an open-source software as an alternative to commercial software to solve a unique problem, save costs or reduce computation time. For some applications open-source software outperforms commercial alternatives such as ANSYS and COMSOL Multiphysics® in terms of performance and accuracy, while also being the best option for high-performance and cloud computing.

With all these great benefits, be prepared fora steep learning curve! It takes weeks for experienced simulation specialists to learn a new software and months until they can adopt existing routines and develop new modules.

Consider carefully whether it is worth investing months of valuable time to achieve result that you can get in two weeks with our help. Focus on what you’re good at and let us help you with physics, software and simulation results.