RESEARCH: Microwave heating of water in a rectangular waveguide

Microwave (MW) heating of water and liquids in general is used in food industry (cooking, pasteurization, extraction) and chemical industry (microwave-assisted organic synthesis). In all cases MWs are used for accelerating heating processes, because they penetrate materials, causing volumetric heating. Other common benefits of MW heating include safety (no flame or high temperatures) and efficiency (faster processes, reduced energy losses).

Recently we have submitted an article:

Microwave heating of water in a rectangular waveguide: validating EOF-Library against COMSOL Multiphysics and existing numerical studies

Microwaves are supplied to a water domain through a rectangular waveguide, inducing convective flow. This is a conjugate problem with weakly coupled electromagnetics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

It involves effects such as permittivity dependence on temperature, microwave propagation and absorption, Marangoni effect and buoyancy driven flow.

In this work we:
1) successfully validate our open-source tool EOF-Library, which efficiently couples Elmer FEM and OpenFOAM, against COMSOL Multiphysics®, a commercial simulation package;
2) inform about significant discrepancies between our results and the experimental and simulation data found in a series of research papers.

Find out more about this problem in our article!

Other applications of Microwave heating

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Microwave oven, magnetron, microwaves, 2.45 GHz
Magnetron typically used in domestic microwave ovens