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Validate your idea,

reverse engineer existing design or obtain deeper knowledge about your product.
Hire talented, experienced and responsive computer modelling experts.

EOF Consulting

fills the gap between academia and industry by providing verified results in a short timeframe.

Use of computer modeling helps with:

Shorten technology research and development cycle. Run parametric studies in parallel on high performance computers and save time.

Cut costs on wasteful physical prototyping. Once the numerical model is verified, you can reuse it for all your succeeding prototypes.

Simulations and creativity go hand in hand. Test risky ideas and designs for a fraction of prototype cost.

Predict quality issues during the designing phase. Test your products in virtual environment non-destructively and get an insight about stresses and temperatures inside materials.

Our 3 major competences


Induction heating

Induction heating is a common industrial process in which an electrically conducting object...

Microwave heating

Microwave heating of liquids is a very complex, non-linear three-way coupled problem...


Calculation of inductance, efficiency and thermal management are three most common...

Heat transfer

We specialize in solving conjugate heat transfer (CHT) problems in solids, liquids and gasses for different...


One of our main specialities is MHD. For those who do not know, magnetohydrodynamics...

How it works?


Modeling is not as easy as it seems at the first glance. We invest in R&D projects and regularly publish research articles in recognized scientific journals. Research articles are peer reviewed by field experts and providing truthful information about our software and simulation models.

High Performance Computing

We use on-premises workstations for computation and professional NAS systems for data storage. The latest hardware (multi-core CPUs with vast amounts of RAM memory), Linux and Windows systems, and uninterruptible power supplies are managed by skilled personnel.

Cloud computing

Massive simulations and parametric sweeps are run on Amazon’s cloud computing service achieving substantial savings in time and costs. These services have been proven to be secure and trusted by large corporations. Data is stored on enterprise NAS drives with high redundancy and reliability.

Our partners

SIA EOF Consulting ir noslēdzis 28.02.2020 līgumu Nr. VP-L-2020/12 ar Latvijas Investīciju un Attīstības Aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu vaučera programmas ietvaros. Pētījuma mērķis ir veikt eksperimentālo izstrādi, lai atrisinātu 3 industriālu problēmu modeļuzdevumus. EOF Consulting LLC signed contracts BIZIN-I-2019/731 and SKV-L-2019/115 with LIAA for recieving support from ERAF projects ( and

We received a grant from Olaine municipality as part of the Iedvesma competition: www.seb.lv/iedvesma